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Re: [zones-discuss] netmask warning, misconfiguration

Subject: Re: [zones-discuss] netmask warning, misconfiguration
From: "Jordan Brown (Sun)"
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 07:56:12 -0800
Antonello Cruz wrote:
>> zoneadm: zone 'int-sagent-1-z1': WARNING: bge0:1: no matching subnet 
>> found in netmasks(4) for; using default of
> How did you setup the IP address for that zone?
> Did you use, in zonecfg:
> zonecfg:int-sagent-1-z1:net> set address=
> ?

No, no "/24".  (I see how that could affect the picture, but it seems 
like /etc/netmasks should work too, and the message certainly suggests it.)
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