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[zfs-discuss] Versioning FS was: question about COW and snapshots

Subject: [zfs-discuss] Versioning FS was: question about COW and snapshots
From: Yaverot
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:04:51 -0700

--- [email protected] wrote:
|> So, if your apps have to be programmed to be 
|> versioning/consistency/checkmarking aware in any case, how 
|> would having a fancy Versioning filesystem be any better 
|> than using what we do now? 
|> (i.e. svn/hg/cvs/git on top of ZFS/btrfs/et al)   
|> ZFS at least makes significant practical advances by rolling 
|> the logical volume manager into the filesystem level, but 
|> I can't see any such advantage for a Versioning FS.

Given what I've read here. Then the advantage of /a/ versioning FS, would be to 
have calls that make it easy for the app to version/checkmark/rollback 
individual files, and not have to worry about the details on how that is 
handled. The FS can make multiple copies, or just store deltas as it sees 
appropriate. The app can look for matching "revision tags" and/or auto-rollback 
on corrupt files.

So the magic FS a few people want (and I wouldn't mind) can't exist.  But 
having an interface, AND getting apps to use it, when that is common enough 
between multiple OSes/FSes...

So the problems are properly defining the interface (technical).  Getting 
enough support between the "major" file systems (social), dealing with slow 
upgrading and backwards capability (time), and then finally getting enough apps 
using the interface (technical & social).

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