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Re: [zfs-discuss] # disks per vdev

Subject: Re: [zfs-discuss] # disks per vdev
From: Richard Elling
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 11:28:41 -0700
On Jun 16, 2011, at 2:07 AM, Lanky Doodle wrote:

> Thanks guys.
> I have decided to bite the bullet and change to 2TB disks now rather than go 
> through all the effort using 1TB disks and then maybe changing in 6-12 months 
> time or whatever. The price difference between 1TB and 2TB disks is marginal 
> and I can always re-sell my 6x 1TB disks.
> I think I have also narrowed down the raid config to these 4;
> 2x 7 disk raid-z2 with 1 hot spare - 20TB usable
> 3x 5 disk raid-z2 with 0 hot spare - 18TB usable
> 2x 6 disk raid-z2 with 2 hot spares - 16TB usable
> with option 1 probably being preferred at the moment.

Sounds good to me.

> I am aware that bad batches of disks do exist so I tend to either a) buy them 
> in sets from different suppliers or b) use different manufacturers. How 
> sensitive to different disks is ZFS, in terms of disk features (NCQ, RPM 
> speed, firmware/software versions, cache etc).

Actually, ZFS has no idea it is talking to a disk. ZFS uses block devices. So 
there is nothing
in ZFS that knows about NCQ, speed, or any of those sorts of attributes. For 
the current disk
drive market, you really don't have much choice... most vendors offer very 
similar disks.
 -- richard

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