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Re: [zfs-discuss] SE11 express Encryption on - > errors in the pool afte

Subject: Re: [zfs-discuss] SE11 express Encryption on - > errors in the pool after Scrub
From: Edward Ned Harvey
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 11:03:02 -0400
> From: [email protected] [mailto:zfs-discuss-
> [email protected]] On Behalf Of Thomas Hobbes
> I am testing Solaris Express 11 with napp-it on two machines. In both
> cases the same problem: Enabling encryption on a folder, filling it with
> data will result in errors indicated by a subsequent scrub. I did not
> find the topic on the web, but also not experiences shared by people
> using encryption on SE11 express. Advice would be highly appreciated.

Most likely you'll have the same experience with/without encryption.  Look
for a hardware problem.

If you don't find a hardware problem, look deeper.  For example, maybe
there's only a few bad sectors on disk, and you happened to hit them when
you ran encryption.  So if you don't find the problem repeating the same
test without encryption ...  Use a larger data set, up to the size of the
entire pool.

Probably the fastest and easiest...  Run something like memetest86 to test
all your RAM.  Are you using ECC ram?  You could probably skip the memtest
safely if you have ECC.

If that still doesn't yield any results,  try stressing & overheating the
CPU doing unrelated work at the same time while you're repeating your disk
test unencrypted.  16-threaded infinite random number generator dumping to
the null bucket, while you're running your disk test without encryption.

That should be a pretty exhaustive process to check your CPU, memory,
motherboard & buses, disk controllers, and disks.  I bet you'll find some
hardware issue.

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