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[zfs-discuss] zpool status keeps telling "resilvered"

Subject: [zfs-discuss] zpool status keeps telling "resilvered"
From: pieterjan
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 02:30:23 PST

We have a raidz2 pool with 1 spare. Recently, one of the drives generated a lot 
of checksum errors, so it was automatically replaced with the spare. Since the 
errors stopped at some point, we figured that the drive itself was not at 
fault. We offlined it, zeroed it and onlined it again, started resilvering, and 
manually detached the spare drive. The zpool status is ONLINE and mentions 
"resilver completed with 0 errors", but the resilvered drive still has "624G 
resilvered" next to it. There's no performance impact for the time being, so I 
suppose the message is just informational.

I don't want that message there, however; I know what went on. How do I get rid 
of it? I didn't scrub the pool yet, because there are 20 drives of 1TB in that 
array: I can only imagine the time that would take.

Any ideas, besides scrubbing?

Thank in advance,
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