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[zfs-discuss] Detaching a clone from a snapshot

Subject: [zfs-discuss] Detaching a clone from a snapshot
From: Andrej Podzimek
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 07:28:04 +0200

Is it possible to detach a clone from its snapshot (and copy all its data 
physically)? I ran into an obscure situation where 'zfs promote' does not help.

Snapshot S has clones C1 and C2, both of which are boot environments. S has a 
data error that cannot be corrected. The error affects *one* crash dump file, 
so it's obviously benign. (The system crashed when a crash dump was being 
transferred from the dump device to /var/crash and this happened more than 
once. This is a nightly + onu system, so accidents might happen.)

If I understand it well, the original dependency graph looks like this

        C1 -> S <- C2,

and I can only achieve one the following with 'zfs promote':

        C1 <- S <- C2
        C1 -> S -> C2

I can't get rid of S (and of the error message in zpool status) without 
removing either C1 or C2. Is there a solution other than removing C1 or C2?


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