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[zfs-discuss] First Setup

Subject: [zfs-discuss] First Setup
From: Ian D
Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 09:27:56 -0400
Hi!  We're building our first dedicated ZFS-based NAS/SAN (probably using Nexenta) and I'd like to run the specs by you all to see if you have any recommendations.  All of it is already bought, but it's not too late to add to it.  

Dell PowerEdge R910
2x Intel X7550 2GHz, 8 cores each plus HyperThreading
2x 4GB DDRDrive X1 (PCIe) in mirror for the ZIL
8x 100GB Samsung SS805 SSDs for the L2ARC (on an onboard PERC H700 controller)
2x PERC H800 and 2x PERC6 controllers for the JBODs below
11x Dell MD1000 JBODs with:
     45x 750GB SATA HDDs
     30x 1000GB SATA HDDs
     60X 300GB SAS 15K HDDs
     30x 600GB SAS 15K HDDs
2x 10GbE ports

We plan to connect about 30 servers to it.  About 8 will be currently I/O-bound MySQL databases with a 60/40 read bias, the rest will have much lighter usage.  Most connections will be through iSCSI.

Is there anything that seems out of proportion?  Where do you think the bottleneck will be?  If I'm going to use the SAS 15K drives for databases and the SATA drives for NFS/backups, how should I setup the pools? 

Thank you for any advice!
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