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[zfs-discuss] Send & Receive (and why does 'ls' modify a snapshot?)

Subject: [zfs-discuss] Send & Receive and why does 'ls' modify a snapshot?
From: Tony Galway
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 08:35:43 PST
I am trying to keep a file system (actually quite a few) in sync across two 
systems for DR purposes, but I am encountering something that I find strange. 
Maybe its not strange, and I just don't understand - but I will pose to you 
fine people to help answer my question. This is all scripted, but I have pulled 
out the relevant commands for your reference:

I have a file system on localnode and I create a snapshot call "NMINUS1" which 
I then send to my remotenode. 

zfs snapshot [email protected]
zfs send [email protected] | ssh remotenode zfs receive [email protected]

This works properly, I then get the mountpoint property of the filesystem on 
the localnode and using that, set it to the same on the remote node:

$mp = zfs get -Ho value mountpoint GT/test
ssh remotenode zfs set mountpoint=$mp GT/test

Again, works fine and this completes my inital setup.

>From that point onwards, I want to send an incremental snapshot on a, say, 
>nightly basis. So I create a new snapshot (NSNAP), send that across, and then 
>remove the old snap and rename the new to NMINUS1 ... so

zfs snapshot [email protected]
zfs send -i NMINUS1 [email protected] | ssh remotenode zfs receive GT/test

-- On both nodes
zfs destroy [email protected]
zfs rename [email protected] [email protected]

Now everything works fine unless I perform a simple 'ls' on the filesystem on 
the remote node. On the local node I can modify the contents of GT/test at any 
time, add or remove files, etc. and when I send the incremental snapshot to the 
remote node, it completes properly, and I can do this as many times as I want, 
but as soon as I issue that 

# ls /GT/test

on the remote node, the next time I try to send an incremental snapshot I get 
the following error:

# zfs send -i NMINUS1 [email protected] | ssh remotenode zfs receive GT/test

cannot receive incremental stream: destination GT/ahg has been modified
since most recent snapshot

Other than modifying possibly access time - what has been change in the 
snapshot that causes this problem?? One item of note (or not) one system is 
SPARC one is AMD based.

Thanks for any ideas.
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