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Re: [zfs-discuss] Confused about zfs recv -d, apparently

Subject: Re: [zfs-discuss] Confused about zfs recv -d, apparently
From: Blake
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 17:31:33 -0500
I'm actually working on this for an application at my org.  I'll try
to post my work somewhere when done (hopefully this week).

Are you keeping in mind the fact that the '-i' option needs a pair of
snapshots (original and current) to work properly?

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 2:14 PM, David Dyer-Bennet <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Sun, February 22, 2009 00:15, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
>> First, it fails because the destination directory doesn't exist.  Then it
>> fails because it DOES exist.  I really expected one of those to work.  So,
>> what am I confused about now?  (Running 2008.11)
>> # zpool import -R /backups/bup-ruin bup-ruin
>> # zfs send -R "[email protected]" | zfs receive -dv
>> bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1"
>> cannot receive: specified fs (bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1) does not exist
>> # zfs create bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1
>> # zfs send -R "[email protected]" | zfs receive -dv
>> "bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1"
>> cannot receive new filesystem stream: destination 'bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1'
>> exists
>> must specify -F to overwrite it
> I've tried some more things.  Isn't this the "same" operations as above,
> but with different (and more reasonable) results?
> But isn't this the same, with different results?
> # zfs list -r bup-ruin
> bup-ruin  79.5K   913G    18K  /backups/bup-ruin
> # zfs create bup-ruin/fsfs
> # zfs send -R [email protected]\
> 0216-044512UTC | zfs recv -d bup-ruin/fsfs/rpool
> cannot receive: specified fs (bup-ruin/fsfs/rpool) does not exist
> [email protected]:/export/home/localddb/src/bup2# zfs create bup-ruin/fsfs/rpool
> [email protected]:/export/home/localddb/src/bup2# zfs send -R
> [email protected]\
> 0216-044512UTC | zfs recv -d bup-ruin/fsfs/rpool
> These second results are what I expected, after reading the error messages
> and the manual.  But the first example is what I actually got, originally.
>  (Different pools, slightly).
> Here's what I'm trying to do:
> I'm trying to store backups of multiple pools (which are on disks mounted
> in the desktop chassis) on external pools consisting of a single external
> USB drive.
> My concept is to do a send -R for the initial backup of each, and then to
> do send -i with suitable params for the later backups.  This should keep
> the external filesystems in synch with the internal filesystems up to the
> snapshot most recently synced.  But I can't find commands to make this
> work.
> (Note that I need to back up two pools, rpool and zp1, from the destkop on
> the the single external pool bup-ruin.  I'm importing bup-ruin with
> altroot to avoid the mountoints of the backed-up filesystems on it
> conflicting with each other or with stuff already mounted on the desktop.)
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