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[zfs-discuss] Confused about zfs recv -d, apparently

Subject: [zfs-discuss] Confused about zfs recv -d, apparently
From: "David Dyer-Bennet"
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 00:15:54 -0600 CST
First, it fails because the destination directory doesn't exist.  Then it
fails because it DOES exist.  I really expected one of those to work.  So,
what am I confused about now?  (Running 2008.11)

# zpool import -R /backups/bup-ruin bup-ruin
# zfs send -R "zp1@bup-20090222-054457UTC" | zfs receive -dv
cannot receive: specified fs (bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1) does not exist
# zfs create bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1
# zfs send -R "zp1@bup-20090222-054457UTC" | zfs receive -dv
cannot receive new filesystem stream: destination 'bup-ruin/fsfs/zp1' exists
must specify -F to overwrite it

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