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Re: [zfs-discuss] Mirror and RaidZ on only 3 disks

Subject: Re: [zfs-discuss] Mirror and RaidZ on only 3 disks
From: Martin Blom
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 13:23:09 +0100
Miles Nordin wrote:
>     mb> 5) Given that this is all cheap PC hardware ... can I move a
>     mb> disk from a broken controller to another
> zpool export, zpool import.
I was testing with the rpool, but "zpool import -f" when booting for the
CD did the trick. Thanks for the hint.
> If the pool is only DEGRADED it would be nice to do it online, but I
> don't know a way to do that.
>     mb> How does this idea sound to you?
> I think you need a backup in a separate pool or a non-ZFS filesystem.
> The backup could be .tar files or an extracted rsync copy, but somehow
> I think you need protection against losing the whole pool to software
> bugs or operator error.  There are other cases where you might want to
> destroy and recreate the pool, like wanting to remove a slog or change
> the raidz/raidz2/mirror level, but I think that's not why you need it.
> You need it for protection.  losing the pool is really possible.
I do intend to keep backups both before and after, but are you referring
to the actual migration or when everything is completed? I know the data
is at risk while transferring the old content and when attaching the
third drive; what I'm worried about is if I'm risking it more than usual
when the procedure is done?

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