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[zfs-discuss] Autoreplace not working

Subject: [zfs-discuss] Autoreplace not working
From: Bluenix
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 02:09:36 PST
First of all: I'm very new to Opensolaris. After reading a lot, I'm mostly 
interested in the autoreplace function of zfs. I've got a Sun Fire X2100 M2 and 
now run Opensolaris on it.

I've created a mirror in the rpool pool of 2 sata drives. I've also enable the 
autoreplace function of that pool in zfs.
When the pool is up and running, and I physically remove one of the two hard 
drives, the '[b]zpool status[/b]' command shows the drive has been removed and 
the mirror/pool is now degraded. However, when I plug the drive back in and run 
'zpool status' again, the drive remains [b]"REMOVED"[/b].

The output of dmesg is showing: 
[b]"Application(s) accessing previously attached SATA device have to release it 
before newly inserted device can be made accessible."[/b]

As far as I understand, the 'autoreplace' function should take care of the 
drive replacement, so no manual intervention should be needed.
Does anybody have an idea how to accomplish that, or what can be wrong now?
Your help is greatly appreciated!
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