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Re: [zfs-discuss] Yager on ZFS

Subject: Re: [zfs-discuss] Yager on ZFS
From: can you guess?
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 04:07:39 PST

> my MP3 collection
> gotten  ed up thanks to neither Windows nor NTFS
> being able to
> properly detect and report in-flight data corruption
> (i.e. bad cable),
> after copying it from one drive to another to replace
> one of them, I'm
> really glad that I've ZFS to manage my data these
> days.

Hmmm.  All this talk about bad cables by you and others sounds more like older 
ATA (before transfers over the cable got CRC protection) than like contemporary 
drives.  Was your experience with a recent drive and controller?


> As far as all these reliability studies go, my
> practical experience is
> quite the opposite. I'm fixing computers of friends
> and acquaintances
> left and right, bad sectors are rather pretty common.

I certainly haven't found them to be common, unless a drive was on the verge of 
major failure.  Though if a drive is used beyond its service life (usually 3 - 
5 years) they may become more common.

In any case, if a conventional scrub would detect the bad sector then ZFS per 
se wouldn't add unique value (save that the check would be automated rather 
than something that the user, or system assembler, had to set up to be 

I really meant it, though, when I said that I don't completely discount 
anecdotal experience:  I just like to get more particulars before deciding how 
much to weigh it against more formal analyses.

- bill
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