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[zfs-discuss] ZFS layout recommendations

Subject: [zfs-discuss] ZFS layout recommendations
From: Anil Jangity
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 18:55:59 PST
I have pool called "data".

I have zones configured in that pool. The zonepath is: /data/zone1/fs. 
(/data/zone1 itself is not used for anything else, by anyone, and has no other 
data.) There are no datasets being delegated to this zone.

I want to create a snapshot that I would want to make available from within the 
zone. What are the best options?

If I do something like:
zfs snapshot [email protected]

How do I make that snapshot available to the zone? 

It seems like I got two options:
add dataset
set name=data/zone1/recover

zfs send [email protected] | zfs recv [email protected]

I think this option might work, but using zfs send will just send the whole 
data/zone1 file system which will use more disk space instead of just sending 

2. I was thinking, maybe I could do a NFS share of /data/zone1/.zfs/snapshot to 
zone1. Then, do a NFS client access to that file system. 

Thanks, hope thats clear.
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