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Re: [zfs-discuss] nfs-ownership

Subject: Re: [zfs-discuss] nfs-ownership
From: "Claus Guttesen"
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:59:17 +0200
> > I have created some zfs-partitions. First I create the
> > home/user-partitions. Beneath that I create additional partitions.
> > Then I have do a chown -R for that user. These partitions are shared
> > using the sharenfs=on. The owner- and group-id is 1009.
> >
> > These partitions are visible as the user assigned above. But when I
> > mount the home/user partition from a FreeBSD-client, only the
> > top-partiton has the proper uid- and guid-assignment. The partitons
> > beneath are assigned to the root/wheel (uid 0 and gid 0 on FreeBSD).
> >
> > Am I doing something wrong
> Did you mount both the parent and all the children on the client ?

No, I just assumed that the sub-partitions would inherit the same
uid/gid as the parent. I have done a chown -R.

That would be a neat feature because I have some fairly large
partitions hosted on another server (solaris 9 on sparc and vxfs)
which shares disk via nfs. Everytime I create a new partition I must
create and mount the partitons on each webserver.

Not that I have many webservers, but it would be nice to create a
/data-partition, then a image-partition below that and then a, b, c,
d, e, f etc. (/data/image/a).

Then all I had to do was to mount the image-partiton and I wouldn't
have to worry about mounting other than the image-partition on the


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