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[zfs-discuss] EFI problem

Subject: [zfs-discuss] EFI problem
From: Richard
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 18:15:10 PDT

I have a Supermicro PDSGE with an AMI BIOS, I have UFS boot disk connected via 
IDE and a ZFS pool comprising 4 x 400GB entire disks on the SATA ports.

After I created the ZFS pool the BIOS freezes after the SATA disks are 
detected, this is because the EFI label is not recognised by the BIOS, removing 
the disks allows the system to boot.

Is there a workaround that I can use, I read you could set the SATA devices in 
the BIOS to "None", will Solaris still see the disks if I do this?

I would like to be able to boot and have a ZFS pool using the entire disks.

I have emailed Supermicro for help also.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards
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