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[zfs-discuss] ZFS - SAN and Raid

Subject: [zfs-discuss] ZFS - SAN and Raid
From: Roshan Perera
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 15:17:42 +0100
Hi All,

We have come across a problem at a client where ZFS brought the system down 
with a write error on a EMC device due to mirroring done at the EMC level and 
not ZFS, Client is total EMC committed and not too happy to use the ZFS for 
oring/RAID-Z. I have seen the notes below about the ZFS and SAN attached 
devices and understand the ZFS behaviour. 

Can someone help me with the following Questions:

Is this the way ZFS will work in the future ?  
is there going to be any compromise to allow SAN Raid and ZFS to do the rest. 
If so when and if possible details of it ?

Many Thanks 



ZFS work with SAN-attached devices?
>     Yes, ZFS works with either direct-attached devices or SAN-attached 
> devices. However, if your storage pool contains no mirror or RAID-Z 
> top-level devices, ZFS can only report checksum errors but cannot 
> correct them. If your storage pool consists of mirror or RAID-Z 
> devices built using storage from SAN-attached devices, ZFS can report 
> and correct checksum errors.
> This says that if we are not using ZFS raid or mirror then the 
> expected event would be for ZFS to report but not fix the error. In 
> our case the system kernel panicked, which is something different. Is 
> the FAQ wrong or is there a bug in ZFS?

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