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[zfs-discuss] Can you create a degraded raidz vdev?

Subject: [zfs-discuss] Can you create a degraded raidz vdev?
From: Paul Hedderly
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 05:18:07 PDT
I have 6 400GB discs and want to make two RAIDZ 2/1 vdevs out of them (ie 
2stripe 1parity).

The problem is that 4 are in use... so I want to do something like:

  zpool create datadump raidz c1t0d0 c1t1d0 missing

Then move and bunch of data into datadump, to free up another two discs, then

  zpool add datadump raidz c1t2d0 c1t3d0 missing

Now move the rest of the data over, freeing the last two drives which I would 
then add as spares to let zfs complete the parity of those vdevs.

Is this currently possible?

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