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[zfs-discuss] Best way to migrate filesystems to ZFS?

Subject: [zfs-discuss] Best way to migrate filesystems to ZFS?
From: Peter Eriksson
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 09:49:54 PDT
I'm about to start migrating a lot of files on UFS filesystems from a Solaris 9 
server  to a new server running Solaris 10 (u3) with ZFS (a Thumper). Now... 
What's the "best" way to move all these files? Should one use Solaris tar, 
Solaris cpio, ufsdump/ufsrestore, rsync or what?

I currently use Solaris tar like this:
   cd $DIR && tar [email protected] - . | rsh $HOST "cd $NEWDIR && tar [email protected] -"

ufsdump/ufsrestore doesn't restore the ACLs so that doesn't work, same with 

cpio will fail with filenames with strange characters (since Solaris cpio 
doesn't support the "print0/0" options from Gnu find/cpio). Considering that 
this is some
4TB of files to move - what other alternatives are there? 

Is there some faster alternative to "rsh" - I wonder if a tool that was 
designed for 
interactive communications really is suited for multi-terabyte data transfers 

Anyway - how did you convert your large filesystems?

/Eagerly awaiting ZFS ACL support in Samba and rsync...
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