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Re: [Yopy] Compatable Hardware

Subject: Re: [Yopy] Compatable Hardware
From: Francis J Douse
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 20:53:16 +0100
On Wednesday 06 October 2004 20:14, Toddington wrote:
> Hi All,
> Looking to create a list of hardware such as WLAN cards etc that are
> compatable, and that you have working with the Yopy.
> This info will be posted on the new Yopy LUG when we get it set up later
> this week.
> I have working:
> Buffalo CF WLAN WLI2-CF-S11-3 (standard as supplied with my Yopy)
> Airgate 2000C WLAN CF Card (Obtained from Korea)
> PNY 64MB MMC Card
> Lexar 64MB MMC Card
> Rob

I've tested

Lexar 512MB CF (ext2,FAT)
Jessops 32MB CF
Jessops 64MB CF
Jessops 32MB MMC
Jessops 64MB MMC

PS Love the tip about the speaking clock - doing it now! ;-)

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