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RE: [yhslug] Ubuntu and wireless

Subject: RE: [yhslug] Ubuntu and wireless
From: Zak Zebrowski
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 13:45:23 -0700 PDT

I'm on the digest so if someone already replied,
please ignore.

> So, I am not sure now how to enter the WEP key
> but am willing to make
> a new key to make this work.  The link I
> mention above has a blurb
> stating "...entering your WEP key... in
> hexadecimal form; if you don't
> speak hex, prefix your key with s:".  Huh?  I
> know what hex is but
> "what you talking about Willis?"  Do I prefix
> the key with s: in the
> access point's config also?  And if I do the
> prefix, do I just use
> decimal coding?  Or a phrase? or something?

If you are already connecting to the access
point, you may just want to ignore WEP, since
it's trivial to break WEP.  (Just consider your
access point to be a "public resource"...)  See :

WEP, does, however, allow multiple ways of
generating a key.  The two main ways you can
specifiy this key is to use an "ascii passphrase"
or use a 64 (or a 128) bit hex key.

As to the ubunto explicit way of specifying a WEP
key, I leave as an exercise to the reader... :)


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