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[XBoard-devel] 4.4.0 issues

Subject: [XBoard-devel] 4.4.0 issues
From: Eric Mullins
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 22:56:43 -0600
I've been using 4.4.0 release a fair amount lately and have some issues.

First, let me repeat the sound problem I mentioned last time-- the new way of turning off move sounds is inconvenient. Not turning them off, but turning them back on. It was very easy in 4.2.7 to mute the board. That's something I do a lot too. I'm watching a GM game over on FICS for example, and need to silence winboard temporarily, but don't want to unobserve or quit.

Second, premove appears broken. Or maybe that's the wrong term, I'm not sure. But if I anticipate my opponent's move and move while he's thinking (planning on making that move regardless of what he does), this no longer works to move instantly after he moves. Maybe I'm missing an option or something, but this feature makes playing fast games on a chess server impossible with the new version.

Third, I generally get messages from my bot on FICS by issuing: "Tell <account> messages" Then the bot then cycles through its messages, issuing a tell to me for each one. Because of the order xboard/winboard parse the ICS data, this is colorized not as a tell, but as a message. I think it should be a tell since it really is a tell, so I modified the order so it's colorized as a tell. What do you think? If you agree it's a tell, I'll just update the source in git to match my local change.

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