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Re: [Xaraya_devel] Icons used in Xaraya Core

Subject: Re: [Xaraya_devel] Icons used in Xaraya Core
From: Marty Vance
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2009 10:09:10 -0700
Newsgroups: xaraya.devel
Ryan Walker wrote:

> Marty Vance wrote:
>> I've made a complete new set of icons which are used in the core 
>> modules (as opposed to icons representing the core modules).  More 
>> info at
>> http://www.xaraya.com/~dracos/core_icons.html
> The only ones I don't like are add.png and remove.png.  Maybe it's the 
> blue color.  Not sure.  They look like medical/religious symbols.
> I'm also a little unsure about activate.png and deactivate.png, but I 
> think in context those will make enough sense.

Wow, I didn't expect add and remove to be so ill received.  Perhaps I 
should revisit them.  What if I strenghtened the positive action = 
green, negative action = red theme by changing their colors accordingly 
to Red -, green +.

I was expecting upgrade, test, mail-total and mail-unread to have 
mediocre feedback.

Deactivate (red octagon, "stop sign") is admittedly a stronger metaphor 
than activate (green checkmark).  It was tough to find a definitive 
visual opposite for the stop sign.  I could get rid of the checkmark and 
combine activate with initialize as the green button, and make it 
brighter so it more resembles a green light.

> Otherwise, there are many in the "new" column that strike me as 
> improvements over the "old," both with respect to aesthetics and how 
> clear the metaphor is.
> -Ryan
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