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[Xaraya_devel] comment to bug #6290

Subject: [Xaraya_devel] comment to bug #6290
From: Petr Vorel
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2009 13:54:07 +0100
Newsgroups: xaraya.devel
Include a common set of module defines for a given module

As I'm not allowed to edit this book I'm writing here:
Resolution of this bug is WONTFIX as "the workaround is fine still.". 
Where workaround is:
"keep a xaruser.php, xaruserapi.php, xaradmin.php and xaradminapi.php around
the include in that file. When calling functions those files will be checked
first  and the common stuff will be available."

I think that workaround isn't really clean solution.

For example in articles module is string "'articles'" included 639 times 
which is a lot. If you use some definition set, it could encouradge 
developers to use some definitions (constants) like MODUL_NAME (for 
example as argument of xarModAPIFunc).

Or I don't know why is not used name definition from xarversion.php
$modversion['name']         = 'articles';

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