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Re: [Xaraya_devel] New Xaraya logo proposal

Subject: Re: [Xaraya_devel] New Xaraya logo proposal
From: Marty Vance
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 12:58:21 -0700
Newsgroups: xaraya.devel
Marty Vance wrote:

> Here I present to the community a new logo as a candidate to replace the 
> existing one Xaraya has used for several years now.
> The design considerations behind this new logo are:
> * Manta:  the Xaraya logo has always been a manta ray, and this should 
> be maintained
> * Evolutionary:  elements of the current logo should be maintained where 
> possible
> * Active: the logo should express action
> * Flexibility:  the logo should convey that Xaraya itself is flexible
> * Organic: the logo should be comprised of fluid lines representing a 
> living creature
> * Modern:  the logo should incorporate current design thinking without 
> being too trendy

I should also note that the lettering is not a font, I made the letters 
by hand.  The goal here was a clean, simple typeface which minimized 
sharp corners.  It is all lowercase for simplicity and to maintain the 
modern feel in the rest of the logo.
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