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Re: [Xaraya_devel] Commit approvals on core

Subject: Re: [Xaraya_devel] Commit approvals on core
From: ""
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 08:02:16 +0100
Newsgroups: xaraya.devel
Marty Vance wrote:
> Marcel van der Boom wrote:
> mt.xaraya.com needs to be kept stable.  

Presumably you mean one or more of its branches. If so which ones? I 
would submit only the stable core branch.

Other unofficial repositories
> operated by individuals or (in)formal teams, public or not, cannot and 
> will not be regulated by Xaraya project management.

Don't think anyone is suggesting or wanting that.
> Pushing changes to mt.xaraya.com which contain syntax errors (especially 
> PHP and BL, but also other things also) is forbidden, as syntax checking 
> is one of the more basic forms of QA we can do.
> Pushing changes in a non-functional state is forbidden.  Pushes should 
> only be done when a feature or bugfix (or clean, logical portion 
> thereof) is complete.  Crude example:  if adding 
> modname/xaruser/foo.php, don't push until modname/xartemplates/foo.xd is 
> in place.

I believe the best way of ensuring stability is for someone to review 
the pushes to the stable scenario on an ongoing basis. This pretty much 
happens automatically when lots of people are pulling, but perhaps in 
the current situation it might make sense to actually have someone do it 
as an ongoing tsk. "Forbidden" things happen all the time, I've often 
forgotten to add a file before pushing.

>> I prefer the model where people work on certain changes, create a  
>> scenario (branch, subbranch) for it [thus making it properly scoped],  
>> and when the local commit has been done, push it to as many places as  
>> is relevant, so the work is visible. Holding things back by a formal  
>> policy doesnt work in my opinion, we have tools to help us navigate  
>> through revisions. If there is a concern for unstable revisions  
>> entering a stable region of the code just before releasing or  
>> something, the 'stable' part should be isolated not the part where  
>> many people put stuff in. ("Rules for the few, not for the masses").
> Ideally, yes.  However our current level of push traffic and number of 
> people capable of pushing don't really justify this regimen.
>>> I'd also like Dracos to weigh in on this.
>> ditto
> An interesting idea might be to set up com.xaraya.lab.[user] branches on 
> mt.xaraya.com for those who would like to take advantage of such an 
> arrangement.
Seems to me this would be even more weighty than the scenario thing 
talked about above.
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