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[Xaraya_bugs] [Bug 5498] Sorting country names (the CountryList property

Subject: [Xaraya_bugs] [Bug 5498] Sorting country names (the CountryList property) in localisations
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 13:10:40 +0000 GMT

------- Comment #5 from [email protected]  2007-12-21 13:10 GMT -------
Yes, Hans your solution using usort and some call back function could be the
way to go. I guess this is why the bug has not been addressed so far. It
illustrates some problems with multilanguage and PHP to date.

In most cases I guess, with some consideration for case insensitive sorting, we
could get away with array_multisort for those using utf8 (i think mysql handles
things ok, just php is a prob). One would think that sorting is actually locale
dependent and i'm not sure how we could handle that easily in PHP. I hope
someone with more experience than I in this area might offer some suggestions.
It could be adapted for some more xaraya wide classes perhaps ?

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