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XPath expression evaluation

Subject: XPath expression evaluation
From: Tomas Studva
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:22:03 -0800 PST
I need to implement in Xalan(I am directly woring with Xalan sources) such

input: source doc, XPath expression
output: list or set of nodes used to compute value of expression. The nodes
aren't nodes accessed during expression evaluation, but nodes directly
contributing to result value. In case value of expression is node-set, than
it is what I want. For example /root/child[a=3]/substring(child::text()) , I
want all nodes matched by /root/child[a=3]/child::text() .

I need your advice how to implement it. One clever(I think :)) way is to
construct another expression to original expression, which when is evaluated
returns desired result. Maybe I am wrong. Is there any clever way to
implement it, also when I have source code modification access?

Thank in advance, Tomas Studva

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