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Immediate Interview--- Java Architect

Subject: Immediate Interview--- Java Architect
From: Gaurav Singh
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 00:50:56 +0530

Role: Java Architect


Location: Bloomington, Illinios 



·         Partnering with the App Leads in the development of the application architecture artifacts used to document the operational plan / target architecture. 

·         Participating in architecture team discussions during the review of the operational plan / target architecture.

·         Acting as a liaison for the application architecture team into execution efforts.

·         Engaging application architecture team members in discussions when execution efforts are unable to align with the prescribed target architecture.

·         Facilitating the understanding of the target architectures within the execution efforts.

·         Working closely with the project systems designers, lead developers an SMEs on the individual execution efforts to ensure proper coordination of the designs.

·         Facilitating the transformation from target architecture to a technical architecture that can be implemented.

·         Overseeing the development of the application architecture artifact package items related to execution.



·         Need architecture and design experience.

·         Looking for J2EE, Java, and Open Source Software experience.

·         Preferred experience with Spring Framework.

·         8+ years of experience with Java. 

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