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[Web-trans] Project Review

Subject: [Web-trans] Project Review
From: "Alice Wong"
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 07:28:20 -0700
The "infoSavant" product enables a group of domain experts or a project team to 
share information, assigning area of responsibilities, and conduct threaded 
All discussions are managed together with the "topic of interest".  It has five 
major components:
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~ Electronic Library - Shares Documents.
~ Knowledge Systems -Topics Centric.
~ Workflow - Assigns Area of Responsibility.
~ Content Management - Exports to HTML.
~ Collaboration - Manages Threaded Discussions. 
infoSavant is an excellent tool for sharing project content, especially for 
outsourcing projects.
Access your project knowledge from anywhere WI-FI is available.


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