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[WarInEur] Artillery Fire across the Channel

Subject: [WarInEur] Artillery Fire across the Channel
From: Carl Rupp
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 14:42:08 -0500
I cannot see anything in the rules about this specific situation in either the PDF rules or the 6/27/2002 paper 3rd Edition DG rules.

Rules say artillery can be up to two hexes away and fire on unit, as long as there is a unit adjacent to the artillery unit that is taking part in the attack and if the face value of the attacking non-artillery units gives at least a 1 to 1 odds.

OK, so the Brits are in Dover, and six 6-5s Germans have amphed into the two hexes next to Dover in the prior turn, and can now attack Dover this turn. Plus, in this turn I have three 6-5s who amph assaulted Dover to attack the city to support the ground troops on the city outskirts.

And, I have 4 6-1-5 artillery units sitting in Calais, right next to Dover, just across the channel, and in the hex "next" to Dover, where the German amph units are sitting on top of the British units.

The current game mechanics allows me to have the artillery join in the attack.

Two questions:

1. In the board game would you have allowed this to happen?
2. In the real world, the heavy artillery the German used in the Siege of Sevastpol had the capability to first 23 miles, and the English Channel is 21 miles wide at the narrowest. So I would suppose in this game, since we have the specialized artillery divisions created, that these units would be composed in part of these heavy guns, so that the Germans could have fired across the channel.

I would like to get some feedbackprior to executing this attack so that I can fairly say to my opponent that the attack was not a scheme or tricky exploit.



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