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RE: [WarInEur] The air war(II)

Subject: RE: [WarInEur] The air warII
From: "Noel & Pamela"
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 17:50:30 +1100
I always wondered what had happened to Air Supremacy.  I didn't much
like Increased Combat Odds - that was just too Rambo like for me - but
Air Supremacy made some sort of sense.  You can run, but you really
can't hide, all the time.


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>So given these parameters...
>What do we do?
>In the game...the Axis refuse to fly....
>In the game...the axis can thereby refuse to accept casualties....

CWIE-1 had an option, Air Supremacy, which addressed this issue. It
appears that this option did not make the transition to CWIE-2.

Perhaps some form of it should be added as an option to CWIE-2. The
basic idea is that, if you don't allocate APs to anything, you still
lose APs if your opponent allocates enough APs to Air Superiority. APs
can no longer be hidden. Some of my solitaire games used it. It could
have some quite nasty effects!

Of course, if you want a more realistic Air War, one place to start
would be to extend the "overlapping air range" requirement to
everything. Thus, at the point where an amphibious invasion or air
assault is to be done, if there are no overlapping air ranges anywhere
along the path traced to the target, the invasion or assault is allowed
even if the enemy has air superiority -- if he can't reach you, he can't
use it.

Basically, this would expand the use of the Air Ranges.

Once this is done, then some Powers will be found to have areas that are
out of enemy air range on at least some of turns. In those
circumstances, it should be possible to move APs to a "safe" box, where
they can not be attacked. However, it should not be possible to move APs
from a "safe" box directly to the Air Superiority, Air-Ground, or
Air-Sea boxes; indeed, requiring them to be Transferred might be a good
idea. If the Western Allies are reduced to using the USA as a "safe"
box, then the same transport times/limits/risks should apply, both ways,
as for new APs being transported to Europe.

The point being, if you put them in cold storage, it should take some
time to get them back into active service. This should not be a
"freebie" which is all upside with no downside. 

If a Power no longer has any hexes that are not in any enemy's air
range, then all "safe" units should be considered to be immediately
available (but not assigned) on the appropriate Front, and so subject to
destruction through Air Supremacy. If you let the enemy get too close,
then there is no place to hide. The Western Allied Player, of course,
would always have the USA available.

This is all just a suggestion, of course, and would have to be optional.
It would not be totally realistic; the Air Ranges would still be
measured from any and all qualifying hex rather than specified hexes
containing air bases (a further step).
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