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Re: [WarInEur] Italian Naval Transport

Subject: Re: [WarInEur] Italian Naval Transport
From: "Paul S. Person"
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 11:36:18 -0800
That was an unintended and undocumented feature. 

In other words, a bug.

I, for one, am happy at the thought that that bug does not infest

If you want to get a German RR unit to North Africa, follow these
simple steps:

1) acquire a North African port in Morocco
2) build up your Navy
3) have lots of Air Superiority points that turn
4) ship it from Bordeaux

Of course, if Spain has joined the Axis, this is much easier.


1) conquer Yugoslavia, Greece and (if not members of the Axis)
Bulgaria and Turkey
2) repair the rail to the Iraqi border
3) assemble an impressive bunch of units on the Iraqi border (you may
want to conquer Russia first)
4) talley-ho!

On Sun, 08 Nov 2009 05:55:07 -0600, "[email protected]"
<[email protected]> wrote:

>Cropping up in conversation...
>You cannot transport Axis R-R units to Africa....
>Fred dug out the rule...
>42.2.4. Naval Transport Capability:
>Italy has a permanent Naval Transport Capability of 1 Naval Transport 
>Point, which may be used either in the Central Mediterranean or Adriatic 
>Sea Areas, to transport only Italian or German units (except Railroad 
>Repair units). (See rule 42.6.6.)  The Italian Navy has the ability to 
>provide Sea Supply to any port it can reach, as well as transport a 
>unit, on the same turn. The following sections describe limitations on 
>the range of Italian Sea Power in the Mediterranean.
>Now my memory does not (quite) accord with this...
>I seem to remember that we had a working 'artifice' in CWIE(1), designed 
>in, that specifically allowed this rule to be circumvented if you so 
>agreed with your opponent,
>the game mechanics allowed one single port in Italian territory to so 
>allow such transport if you wished it so.
>Does anyone else remember this obscure(very) little undocumented wrinkle?
>I have a feeling it was allowed from Messina?  (but only from messina)
>Those who were working in FNA could use it optionally to repair the rail 
>net there...
>But in the Eastern med it was used after Alexandria fell to put a R-R 
>unit in to start sorting out the logistics mess east of Alamein...
Here lies the Tuscan poet Aretino,
Who evil spoke of everyone but God,
Giving as his excuse, "I never knew him."

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