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Re: Tuner TCL MFPE05-2 on WinTV PCI-FM (UK)

Subject: Re: Tuner TCL MFPE05-2 on WinTV PCI-FM UK
From: Graham Lee Bevan
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 20:52:26 +0100
Ok, I have full color and nicam stereo sound.  What was throwing me was
a) trying to use tvtime when it doesn't support PAL-I (UK), and b) the
default tuner settings for discovered channels needed tuning off-axis
(+20) on each channel.

I'm there, i'm pretty happy with the outcome; especially considering
that the v4lwiki web site said this card was not supported! <joy!>

The only thing left now is to get the FM radio working...   Any help
duly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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