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RE: Re[4]: Custom Resource Loader

Subject: RE: Re[4]: Custom Resource Loader
From: "Tim Colson"
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 10:29:42 -0700
Stan asked:

> They are fully wired up, but I don't know how I'd
> TC> declaratively make them available using just the current 
> Toolbox. (i.e.
> TC> these aren't just members of a class, they are 
> "configured" objects)  
> It's still possible to put these pre-wired objects in Velocity
> context, right?
Sure, you'd have to fetch them from the Spring context, create a Velocity
Context, and then put them into it programmatically. What I don't know is if
it would be possible currently to declaratively put them into the VContext
directly from Spring. 

The Velocity Tools "Toolbox" let's you create an XML file and during serlvet
init, the items declared in it will be automagically made available to the
layout servlet. 

I'm wondering how we might leverage the two pieces (Spring and Toolbox) so
that Spring can add pre-wired objects into the VContext.


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