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Re: "Send To" Email link changing its default program from OE to Outlook

Subject: Re: "Send To" Email link changing its default program from OE to Outlook
From: "Lou Ravi"
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:18:02 +0100
Newsgroups: uk.comp.misc
Mortimer wrote:
> Has anyone else seen PCs which have both Outlook Express (or Windows
> Mail on Vista) and Outlook installed change their default program for
> the "Send To" Email link from OE/WM to Outlook in the past few weeks?
> Two PCs, one XP and OE, the other Vista and WM, have recently
> exhibited this symptom. If you right-click on a file and do Send To
> Email, it brings up an Outlook "Send Mail" dialogue instead of an
> OE/WM one. Because no accounts were set up in Outlook on either PC,
> there was no Send button - that is what first alerted people to the
> fact that something was wrong.

It's simple, you've installed Outlook/Office which takes over from 
Outlook Express. If you want to change it just go into the 'send to' 
folder (docs and settings/Send to) You delete Outlook and you put OE 
instead (msimn.exe).

> In both cases, the fix was to go into Internet Explorer and change the
> default program for Email from Outlook back to OE/WM - that cured it
> both for Send To links and for mailto addresses in Web pages.
> Is it a coincdence that two people have experienced this problem
> recently or is there a rogue MS Update which has changed the setting? 

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