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Re: Word problem - displaying pictures intermittently

Subject: Re: Word problem - displaying pictures intermittently
From: Martin Brown <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 13:19:27 -0700
Newsgroups: uk.comp.misc,

On Sep 19, 8:47 pm, "Jim Backus" <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> The copy of Word I use at work has a very annoying problem - if a
> document has pictures of any sort they display sporadically. Sometimes
> the picture can be made to appear by scrolling down and up again but
> this doesn't work reliably. Sometimes the pictures display without a
> problem and on other occasions they never display. This applies to all
> sorts of pictures - .GIF, .JPG, embedded Visio drawings, even Word
> pictures. As the documents I work on usually have a number of pictures
> it is very annoying and lowers productivity.
> The PC is running Windows XP at SP2. Word is version 2002 at SP3. The
> PC is a reasonably modern small form factor HP with 512 MB Ram.
> Word is set up to display paragraph marks and tabs only (i.e. not all
> hidden items)
> As it's a work PC, there is no option to upgrade to Vista, Word 2007
> or Open Office until the company as a whole upgrades.
> I've contacted our Hell Desk and they admit they've seen the problem
> before but cannot remember the solution.

Do they know about the MickeySoft "knowledgebase"? I know the indexing
is pretty hopeless, but from your description it sounds to me like the
problem may be covered by:

My favourite Word gotcha with embedded images is a fault that causes
new images that are drag and dropped onto existing images in a
document under some wierd set of circumstance to create orphanned
bitmap or metafile image data which stays in the file and gradually
gets bigger with every revision. Seems to be particularly bad if there
are multiple authors of the document spanning several versions of
Word. Corporate procedures tend to suffer this fate.

The best I have seen was a 60MB file containing 4x 1MB images and 6
pages of A4 text (should be ~5MB).
> So ... have the great minds and experience of these NGs got any
> suggestions?

Martin Brown

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