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Re: (OT?) Peak Wireless Broadband Router (Model# 6147ABPK / #154242NRPK)

Subject: Re: (OT?) Peak Wireless Broadband Router (Model# 6147ABPK / #154242NRPK) firmware
From: Johnny B Good
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 23:43:36 +0100
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

The message <[email protected]>
from Johnny B Good <[email protected]> contains these words:

> The message <[email protected]>
> from Mike Tomlinson <[email protected]> contains these words:


> > Zyxel seem to OEM many of their models; I recently picked up a
> > Telefonica (Spanish phone co.) model 00412651 router for free.  Could
> > not find any updated firmware or support for it; opening it revealed the
> > legend "P-643" on the PCB and it is, of course, a Zyxel Prestige 643.
> > There are manuals, firmware, etc. available on the Zyxel site.  Not yet
> > tried re-flashing it; that's a job for a rainy day.

>  Thanks for the heads up on PCB markings. Next time I contemplate a
> similarly speculative exercise, I'll take a peek. Anyhoo, the router is
> fully functional and still giving me an internet connection (but it's
> only had an uptime of 20 hours and 18 minutes 53 seconds so far).

 Uptime, as of a minute or so ago, is now showing "7day:8h:57m:0s"[1]

 I haven't heard any complaints from my son regarding wireless
connectivity so it looks like the ZyXEL firmware update was the right

 I'm pretty certain I haven't seen uptime figures as long as this[2] for
quite a few months with the latest PEAK firmware update so it does look
very promising. Of course, the proof of this pudding will require
several weeks (preferably months) of uptime to indicate the stability of
the new firmware

 I did repost the OP to alt.comp.networking.routers but, surprisingly,
there seemed to be a total lack of interest. There was some traffic in
other threads (mostly spam) but no response to what I thought would have
been of some interest in such a NG (Go Figure!) :-(

[1] That's uptime for _both_ the wan connection and the router session.

[2] Uptime on the wan link only. The "soft" resets to restart the wan
connection didn't reset the router session uptime clock - only power
cycling would do that.

Regards, John.

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