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Re: Dual Booting Vista and OS X Leopard

Subject: Re: Dual Booting Vista and OS X Leopard
From: Count de Monet
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 09:34:53 +0000
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

Nick Le Lievre wrote:
When I get hold of this Kalyway DVD I'm going to try and dual boot Vista with OS X Leopard, from what I've read so far with an already installed Vista installation on the C:\ partition all I need to do is shrink the volume and make a second partition in disc management which is active, then just go into the disk utilities in the OS X Leopard setup and format that new partition to MAC OS Jornalled, then install Leopard onto that partition.
From what I've read this is all I need to do, will Vista bootloader and/or
MAC OS X automatically adjust the bootloader to take into account of the
second operating system on the D:\ partition.

As I said in my reply to your other OS X thread I would always install
this on a second HDD just in case anything goes wrong. I think this is
the general consensus held by dual booters.
I think messing around trying to have two operating systems booting from
a single drive (even if you have added a second partition) is perhaps
asking for trouble, but if your machine is not mission critical then go
ahead and try, you can always re-install Vista if it all goes tits up.
In my case I had to place a file from the Kalyway disk to the root of my
Vista boot drive and alter the vista boot loader (via the command line)
to create a menu to choose the OS to boot to at start up, this did not
happen automatically when I first installed OS X.

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