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Re: Finding the IP of a router

Subject: Re: Finding the IP of a router
From: Martin Slaney
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 09:04:38 +0000
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

GSV Three Minds in a Can wrote:

ISTR noticing somewhere that one of the Draytek routers (DSL version I guess) supports use of a (probably) USB 3G adapter as a backup/secondary WAN i/f. Might be an option for the OP - although those Draytek ones are a bit more expensive than the rest.
They tend to work better than the rest though (sitting here with an
ADSL/ISDN one that's on year 6 or 7), but really anything that works at
all is going to work better than ICS.
Might be worth a look at current versions of Smoothwall, IPCop etc. ,
maybe these might support a 3G connection ? If so, then that'd be a
decent solution ...
Drayteks - yeah - got an oldish one here (not in use, as it only has
11b/no WPA) - but mucho twiddles not found on other "little platic
routers" like multiple VPN tunnels, multiple DHCP ranges/subnets, and
some bits of DSL twiddling that I don't understand :-)
I do vaguely recall some other software alternatives to ICS which were marginally better, but they were 'paid for' software, and they don't get round the basic problem of having to have the ICS PC on to access the web from any of the others.
ISTR someone using a version of Wingate (I think - it was years ago) for
this - worked OK - but I think that was commercial ... dunno if that's
still around. I think at least it let you set the gateway LAN IP to
something other than :-)

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