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Re: PSU recommendations?

Subject: Re: PSU recommendations?
From: Andreas Schulze-Bäing
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 11:06:40 +0000
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt
On 19 Nov 2008 17:44:04 GMT, Janner wrote:

> It looks like I might have a faulty PSU, so I would appreciate some 
> recommendations
> for a suitable replacement. 
> It's to go in a C2D system using an Asus P5B-VM motherboard. There are 2 SATA 
> hard
> drives and an IDE DVD writer. No graphics card.
> Would like something relatively quiet. Don't want to spend too much, but 
> still want
> something relatively good (sub ?40 delivered seem reasonable?).

The Enermax Pro82+ 385W is good value for money, very efficient even with
less energy demanding hardware and very quiet. It has been recommended in
German ct magazine (known for uncompromising tests). Here is another
Price is around £40ish (excluding delivery).


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