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Re: Simplest backup regime?

Subject: Re: Simplest backup regime?
From: Philip Herlihy
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 11:01:05 +0000
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

GSV Three Minds in a Can wrote:
Bitstring <[email protected]>, from the wonderful person GB <[email protected]> said
What's the simplest, most-foolproof, least-scary backup regime for the
average non-technical user to implement?

My thoughts were:
Something USB, either an external drive or one of those USB sticks as they
are getting quite big now
Software should be something like secondcopy, so there's an
instantly-available copy of the backed-up files.
Scheduled backups every 24 hours say?

How do you package that as something that almost sets itself up?
No the first question is 'what are you backing up against'. Drive
failure is pretty easy (you have it covered), but fire/theft, or
'accidentally deleting something and then wanting it back', need more
thought. Second copy 'archive X old version' is good, but you still need
to decide if you want off-site backup of some kind (even if only weekly
or monthly).
A removable USB or external SATA drive is very attractive, compared to
RAID, if you can put up with a few hours downtime, since you can reload
the (interesting bits of) data on almost any PC. Disk images are dandy,
in theory, IFF you can replicate the motherboard, CPU, etc. on the
machine you are trying to recover to - often you can't though.
Acronis True Image Workstation claims to be able to restore an image to
different hardware, and I know someone who has managed it (with a bit of
driver supplementation).
Phil, London

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