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Re: Advice sought on which processor for a laptop

Subject: Re: Advice sought on which processor for a laptop
From: DCA
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 13:13:31 +0100
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

David Livingstone wrote:
In message <c6f2f4hhknqano478nh37qg523jt0cbv7o@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Jaimie Vandenbergh <jaimie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes

I hear that Dell DOA levels are still pretty high. Four out of thirty lossage on the last bunch we got in at work, in July.

Indeed, knackered screen (backlight) on a delayed arrival with a pals son's new Dell Studio laptop for Uni :-(

Not impressed with Dell support at all - the new student and machine was 120 miles away - but the repaired (not replaced) machine had to be returned home to his Dad. The fresher meanwhile, had to have the family laptop for the start of his course.

No sympathy from the 'helpdesk' at all - even although it would have been easier for them to pick and return directly to Edinburgh - and after another 10 days, when returned the case was all scuffed and very badly re-assembled, especially the top of the screen bezel. If it was not essential to him, it would have been returned.

Never again.
like all things, people only bleat about bad experiences. With higher sales you will obviously have higher returns - it is inevitable. For my part, I'd never have a new machine repaired - you should have had it replaced. I have a Dimension 9200 and an XPS M1530 laptop. Both spot-on and I would buy again.

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