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Re: £150 Upgrade Suggestions Please

Subject: Re: £150 Upgrade Suggestions Please
From: Palindrome
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 23:17:06 GMT
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

Clint Sharp wrote:
In message <[email protected]>, Palindrome
<[email protected]> writes
I have a local charity that has a £150 inc budget for upgrading the
finance officer's machine.
What counts as an upgrade?

Might be worth asking if you can use the charity's name and phone the IT
departments of some local companies to see if they have anything they'd
donate if the upgrade is fairly modest. HP Evo P4 machines at 3GHz can
be had for around 80 quid if you look around and Morgan might also be
worth a look.

A lot of the charity's existing IT kit has come from other local charities that have had to give up, because of lack of funding - and local companies don't seem to be doing all that well either. The recent "Summer" hasn't exactly helped. So it isn't the best time to ask bosses, who are worrying about paying their staff, if they would like to make a donation.. I've never known it quite this bad.

But the Morgan idea is a great one! I'd forgotten about them. I've had some great kit from them over the years.

I've also been looking at new components instead - but it would need a
replacement processor, hsf, mobo, ram, graphics, memory, hard disk,
sata data cable and power supply.
Just done this last week for a friend and I didn't use the cheapest of
components either.

 MoBo with integrated everything (PATA interface was important), 2GHz
Dual Core Pentium (retail with cooler), 2GB ram, SATA DVD writer and PSU
complete with a 19" TFT came to a few pence over £182. Dump the £69+VAT
display and you're under budget.

I'd be interested in knowing which bits and from where. My reply address (no, it isn't munged, it really has a zero in it) works, if you would rather not tell everyone.

I re-used his 10B2 network card (just don't ask) and his HDD, but if you
only need a small capacity disk you should still have no problems
getting everything under £150 with a year's warranty.

Thanks for the help!


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