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Re: New build PC. Reboots when XP SP2 is installed :(

Subject: Re: New build PC. Reboots when XP SP2 is installed :(
From: GSV Three Minds in a Can
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 21:49:35 +0100
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

Bitstring <[email protected]>, from the wonderful person Stevie Boy <[email protected]> said

Would help a lot if you told us WHICH 'Stop error', there are a lot to
choose from.


If you boot from the CD and take the 'repair' option (the first one) to
get to repair console, can you even see the Hard disk? Or does that get
you a stop error too?


I believe so as I tried chkdsk which repaired a load of errors but still
failed to load. I also tried a downloaded copy of SP2 with same result.

Only when I reformat & load XP does it work. I don't know if SP2 requires
all motherboard drivers as I as yet have not loaded them from the supplied

Strange - normally SP2 fixes those problems rather than causing them. Maybe the simplest solution is to install 'vanilla' XP and then apply the 10001 patches to get to SP2 the hard way?

Tells you all about the error. When I've seen it it has usually been missing drivers for SATA discs, but in that case SP2 usually fixes it and 'vanilla' (SP0) is the one the causes it.

I am alarmed that you say 'chkdsk repaired a load of errors' .. if this was a new install there should not be any errors. Have you tried the disk maker's checking programs (usually boot from CD)? Maybe you have a sick disk??

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