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Re: Just become Dual head

Subject: Re: Just become Dual head
From: "Synapse Syndrome"
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 18:45:10 +0100
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

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> Synapse Syndrome wrote:
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>>> Synapse Syndrome wrote:
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>>>>>> Bloody marvellous I think! Got a G550 card linked to two 19" Acer
>>>>>> TFT's. Bit of a job to make it open specific windows on the right
>>>>>> monitor
>>>>>> though!
>>>>>> Now to train one eyeball on each monitor!
>>>>> Enjoy it while you can, m8!  That's one of the best "2D"
>>>>> cards ever.  It's a pity that Matrox haven't yet produced
>>>>> anything near as good as the 550/650/750 on the pci-e
>>>>> bus.  Even die-hard MURCers are, well, 'fading away'! ;)
>>>> When the G400 Max was new, it was the best 3D gaming card around as
>>>> well (around 1999).
>>>> ss.
>>> Rubbish, the GeForce 256 was a better gaming card.
>> I remember, because I bought one.  I think you will find that the
>> GeForce 256 was released afterwards.
>> ss.
> Groan, GeForce 256 - August 1999, Matrox G400 - September 1999

Those dates from Wikipedia are wrong.  Maybe that was the date that the GPU 
was launched, but cards were only available later.  If you read reviews you 
will see that the GeForce cards were released later.  Matrox always made 
their own cards.

To best illustrate my point, look at this page, from the September 23rd 

It shows that Anantech *revisited* the G400 Max, while on the same day 
3DHardware make the first review of the GeForce 256.

If you look at any other reviews of either card you will see the same.

Anyway, who cares anymore..


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