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Re: DVI-I to VGA advice

Subject: Re: DVI-I to VGA advice
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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 01:15:07 +0100
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Dr.H@l0nf1r£$ wrote:
> Gaz wrote:
>> [ste parker] wrote:
>>> nut wrote:
>>>> Nick Le Lievre wrote:
>>>>> "Nick Le Lievre" <nicklelievre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
>>>>> message news:467e7fe0$0$1349$834e42db@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>> It most likely comes with an adapter I`m 95% sure... I`m getting
>>>>>> the BFG 8800 GTS 320mb OC edition and it has dual DVI
>>>>>> connections... but it does come with 2 x DVI > 15pin adapters
>>>>>> too. If it doesn't come with an adapter you can just buy one
>>>>>> seperately but as I say I`m pretty sure it will come with one...
>>>>>> do a google search for evga 7600GT review it should tell you in
>>>>>> the review whats in the box... and I`d hurry up with your dabs
>>>>>> order if you want free delivery as the promotion won't last
>>>>>> forever and you might have to wait a few more weeks to get it
>>>>>> again.
>>>>> Yeah check the specifications on this page
>>>>> it
>>>>> says it comes with 2x DVI adapters.
>>>> Superb... thanks.
>>>> I checked EVGA's website and found the card but couldn't find any
>>>> information about d-sub adaptors.
>>>> It recommends 350W PSU with 18A 12V, so i'm going to order a Dabs
>>>> 480W "Gold" as well... presumably that'll be powerful enough.
>>>> Dabs Value 480W PSU Gold 12cm SATA PFC
>>>> In stock now £21.49
>>>> quicklinx: 39N9WS
>>> You'd be better off buying a quality PSU than that.  Higher rating
>>> does not necessarily equal high quality.
>> I have never had a problem with any PSU that cost more then £12. If
>> you pay much more then that, good luck to you, but you are getting
>> little more then snake oil (unless of course, the miniscule amount of
>> extra stability offered by a much more expensive psu is necessary,
>> which in a few situations, it is).
>> Get yourself a cheap 500watt psu off ebuyer, you will be fine. The
>> usual caveat, is that sometimes, some cards want a particular
>> amperage, so make sure that the psu can cope.
>> this
>> or this
>> Gaz
> I suggest that you read the Labs section of the August 07 issue of
> Computer Shopper, page 102 to page 110. I'll see if I can get a
> snippet online and report back in a while.

Here's 2 pages for your parousal in jpg format. :

'Want to see more? Try

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