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Re: Help with upgrade please

Subject: Re: Help with upgrade please
From: John Jordan
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 19:04:02 +0100
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

Nick Le Lievre wrote:
On another note I just ordered a cheap dabsvalue case which comes with a
480W ATX 2.03 PSU as it has a 24 pin connector (with a slide off for
20pin) as I was led to believe that my old Q-TEC 500W ATX 1.3 PSU
wouldn't be able to power the graphics - a single 8800 GTS 320mb using a
20 > 24 pin convertor - BFG recommends 28A on the 12v line but my Q-TEC
only read 18a on the 12v line with no secondary line mentioned as its
ATX 1.3.
Do you think I might still have been able to power the GFX with the ATX
1.3 PSU seeing as its not an SLI setup (the GFX has a single 6pin > 2
molex connector) or do you think it was wise to get the newer PSU with
24 pin connector.
An 8800GTS should max out at about 9-10A on the 12V line, so you could
get away with an 18A PSU if you had a C2D and a couple of HDs. Any more
than that is pushing it, and it's generally not a good idea to run a PSU
too close to its specs.
Either way both PSU's probably aren't much cop seeing as Q-TEC have a bad name and the one in the dabsvalue case is bound to be cheap...
Yeah, that's pretty accurate :-)

John Jordan

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