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software for copying files

Subject: software for copying files
From: Johannes Andersen
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 14:21:04 +0100
Newsgroups: uk.comp.homebuilt

I am looking for software to copy a large number of files and directories.

Of course I could use combinations of 'select all' plus copy/paste, but
that would still require picking various files and avoiding files which
will halt the copying. If a selecting is necessary, then I have to do
it directory by directory. This means sitting around and waiting for
parts of the job to finish.

Is there something where you and can set up all the copying you need in
advance by selecting the necessary, then go a way from the computer?
(I am talking of really large copies ~100GB selections or more.)

In DOS days, I had the marvelous XTREE. But that gave up the ghost for
large number of files since it was 16 bit code.

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