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Re: Homeplug. Two separate pairs of bridges?

Subject: Re: Homeplug. Two separate pairs of bridges?
From: Jon
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 20:29:13 -0000
Newsgroups: uk.comp.home-networking

In article <[email protected]>, 
[email protected] says...
> This isn't a question I need an answer to very soon,
> it's close to idly curious; but I am curious :-)
> I recently bought a couple of TrendNet TPL-202Es, to
> connect an external disk to our home network. The
> network, up till then, consisted in a DSL modem,
> ethernet cabled to a Linksys router, with two Macs
> ethernet cabled to the router. I plugged one TPL-202E
> into a power outlet and connected it to the router,
> and the other into an outlet in a remote part of the
> house where the external disk now sits. This worked 
> perfectly; the disk was on the nework as,
> just as it had been when connected by ethernet cable.
> The question: Let's call the outlet by the router 'A',
> that by the disk, 'B'. Suppose I connected a third
> TPL-202E to a distinct port on the router and to 
> outlet 'C', then connected a fourth TPL-202E to some
> new device and to outlet 'D'. Would this work? If the
> new device had, say, IP #, would the network
> send the right packets to the right IP addresses?
> Hope the question is clear enough.

You don't need to buy another pair of plugs, just one.

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